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Hello There!!!

馃憢馃徑 My name is Sehmim, but my friends call me Mim!
馃捈 I currently work at coreslicer as a Software Developer.
馃帗 Computer Science, York University
馃彔 Montreal, QC, Canada


areas of expertise

Expertise Across Multiple Technology Stacks and Software Concepts for Comprehensive Solutions.

Full stack Development

Expertise in MERN stack and Typescript for Robust Web Application Development.

Platform Engineering

Crafting Scalable and Resilient Systems on AWS, Docker and more.

Databse Management

Proficiency in relational and non relational Databses such as MongoDB & SQL


Building High-Quality Hybride Apps with and React Native & Flutter


Over 5 years of working experience in various industries

Frontend Developer
May 2022 - Present
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
馃殌 Product: Microsoft addin, SaaS, Component library
鈻笍 Designed and developed a highly impactful Outlook add-in using React, enabling seamless integration between company website and Outlook, resulting in increased customer acquisition and retention.
鈻笍 Spearheaded a major refactoring and redesign effort of a critical application, resulting in an increase in test coverage from 50% to 90% and improved code maintainability and scalability.
Skills: Web Development 路 Node.js 路 React.js 路 styled-components 路 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 路 TypeScript

Full-stack Developer
Jun 2021 - May 2022
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
馃殌 Product: Digital maps
鈻笍 Implemented an automated multi-level revenue calculation and partner payout system using Node.js and MongoDB, resulting in a cost savings of 30% by reducing manual errors and increasing efficiency.
鈻笍 Demonstrated exceptional expertise in caching and optimizing database queries, leading to a remarkable 200% increase in API calls and significantly boosting overall system performance.
鈻笍 Created scalable React components that were used in over 5 places in the website, increasing re-use and cutting down development time.
Skills: Web Development 路 Node.js 路 React.js 路 GraphQL 路 TypeScript 路 MongoDB 路 Vue.js 路 Heroku

Mobile Developer
VistaVu Solutions
Jan 2021 - June 2021
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
馃殌 Product: Mobile App
鈻笍 Developed a mobile app with sub-2-second cloud storage for document images, significantly enhancing data entry speed and accuracy.
鈻笍 Used Serverless Lambda functions to automate various tasks such preparing raw data, running cron jobs to trigger other services and bluetooth IoTs devices.
鈻笍 Used AWS Amplify with Flutter to design and test a proof of concept that allowed users to calculate liquidity of various company assets.
Skills: 路 Amplify 路 Flutter 路 AWS


  • Full-Stack Developer
    Sep 2019 - Dec 2019
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    馃殌 Product: SaaS management tool
    Skills: React 路 Spring Boot 路 SQL
  • Platform Engineer
    May 2019 - Aug 2019
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    馃殌 Product: DevOps tools and Infrastructure as Code
    Skills: Bash 路 Python
  • Backend Developer
    Jan 2019 - May 2019
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    馃殌 Product: Chatbot
    Skills: Node.js 路 Natural Language Processing (NLP) 路 TensorFlow 路 TypeScript


From Freelancer to Incorporated Developer

Frontend Developer
Vue.js 路 Python 路 Docker 路 PostgreSQL

Frontend Developer
React.js 路 Ruby On Rails 路 PostgreSQL 路 EC2

AWS Lambda 路 Node.js 路 JavaScript

next.js 路 Vercel

Web Developer
JavaScipt 路 Php 路 DigitalOcean