A picture of me playing guitar at the massy hall

Hello There!!!

My name is Sehmim, but my friends call me Mim, pronounced as meme (no joke). I am currently a 3rd year Computer Science student at York University in Toronto,Canada.

I have worked as a Full-stack Developer and as a Platform Engineer for two of my co-ops where I also developed some excellent table tennis skills.


areas of expertise

I have skills and knowledge in variety of tech stacks as well as software concepts

Full stack Development

Experience with MERN stack using TypeScript

Platform Engineering

Creating Pipelines and doing integration testing


Knowledge of creating app interfaces and components using Flutter


Familiar with AWS services such as API gateway, Lamda and DynamoDB

Personal project

  • all
  • Web Dev
  • Mobile
  • Open Source

Hotdog Stand

Front-End e-commerce site

Mim Burger

Hamburger as a NPM package

Scotia Student Hub

Website made from scratch for Scotiabank

IG Clone

An instagram clone

Job Experience

Full-stack Developer Co-op

Jan 2019 - April 2019
  • Tech Stack:TypeScript, Node.js, Git, Docker, Mocha, JQuery
  • Responsibilities:
    • Developed a Chatbot for Equity Traders which closed the gap between traders and clients by 90% resulting an increase in sales
    • Increased accuracy of intents by integrating latest machine learning Natural Language Processing libraries such as NodeNLP and SpaCy
    • Increased performance and code readability by 70% by re-designing and refactoring entire back-end from JavaScript to TypeScript

DevOps/Platform Engineer Co-op

May 2019 - Aug 2019
  • Tech Stack:Maven, Java, Jenkins, Cucumber, Linux, Git
  • Responsibilities:
    • Helped improve code quality and consistency by implementing CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, Gradle and windows CMD
    • Increased development efficiency by writing scrips that does local deployment using tools such as vagrant.

Skill Set

Tech Stack
Object Oriented Programming
Test Driven Development
Agile Methodology
Continuos Integration/Delivery