Who we are..

We’re a small team of dedicated developers with industry experience ranging from big banks to big tech with a broad range of talents.

We put an immense value towards providing clear communication and accountability for our clients, and aim to provide high-quality service alongside our high-quality products.

Who we do..

Just about everything. We have taken on projects involving:

  • Web development: back-end, front-end with Node, React, Djengo and Ruby on Rails
  • Mobile app development: Android, Flutter, React Native.
  • Low-level/Systems Programming in C/C++
  • Data processing and machine learning
  • Web scrapping and scripting
  • Cloud based automation with GCP, AWS, Digital Ocean and Heroku
A cool picture of me!

A picture of me playing guitar at the massy hall

Adam Adli

FPGA Software Engineer @ Intel Corp.

I’m a Computer Science HBSc graduate from the University of Toronto with a 3.90/4.00 cGPA. I’ve been at Intel for over 1.5 years as an FPGA software engineer working on customer-facing products and back-end infrastructure using Python & C++.

My specialty is in software development with experience in low-level, multithreaded programming, Android app development in Java, and data processing in Python and C++. I treat software engineering as not only a technicality but an art.

A picture of me playing guitar at the massy hall

Sehmim Haque

Full-stack Developer @ UpWork
My name is Sehmim, but my friends call me Mim, pronounced as meme (no joke).

I have worked as a Full-stack Developer, as a DevOps Engineer and as a Backend Developer for three of my co-ops where I also developed some excellent table tennis skills.